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Vijay Govindarajan, known as VG, is regarded as one of the world’s experts on strategy and innovation. He is the Earl C. Daum 1924 Professor of International Business and the founding director of the Center for Global Leadership at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business. He works with CEOs and top management teams in Fortune Global 500 firms to discuss, challenge, and escalate their thinking about strategy.

Example: International Contract of Sale
ICC - International Sale Contract.pdf
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Marketing Analyse Werkzeug

ABC/XYZ Analyse


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ABC Analyse und MS Excel 2007
Hilfestellung zur Erstellung und Auswertung einer ABC Analyse mit Microsoft Excel 2007
Auswertung einer ABC Analyse mit MS Exce
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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix
Wiederaufgelegter Artikel der BCG aus dem Jahr 1973 mit der Vorstellung des 2x2 Portfolios
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