Toyota Tundra (Saatchi&Saatchi)

Office: USA/Los Angeles


The full-size truck segment in the US is more traditional, more loyal, and more rooted in Americana than any other in the industry.


Toyota was disadvantaged in two ways. The stigma of “Japanese truck”, and the fact it had been noticeably smaller than domestic competitors.


Could we convince a sceptical audience that Toyota could make a real American truck?


Research in truck country revealed just how important it is to a truck guy’s self-image and standing among peers that he’s considered one-of-the-guys and a respected equal. This is so true when it comes to the prowess of his truck. If his truck doesn’t get respect, he doesn’t get respect.


So we had to make sure he had the ‘ammo’ to back his choice in the inevitable barstool debate. But ammo alone isn’t enough. That’s the rational element, and when you’re dealing with the deeply emotional need to be accepted and looked upon as a real man, rational arguments are dismissed.


For Tundra to win, we had to supply the facts to back up the argument, but in a way that broke through the emotional barrier.


The Tundra launch turned out to be the most successful in Toyota’s history. The Tundra is now a real contender in the debate over America’s finest truck.


In the language of Lovemarks, the Tundra moved from “being known for something” to “known for the things I care about”, the heart of advocacy.